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Malhar Art is a specialist in corporate murals & customized wall murals & paintings. A range of exquisite artwork in various materials like fiber murals, clay work, canvas paintings & stone sculptures are designed to match the aesthetics of your office and home walls. While offices usually paste vinyl for decoration, we deliver customised murals and stone carvings of exquisite design of your choice, for a complete makeover of your office and home walls.

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Recent Project



Client: SBI Capital Ltd | Size: 20x 4 ft

What we deliver: With excitement and humbleness, Malhar welcomes and thanks SBI CAP for this opportunity to design a mural for their corporate office at Mumbai.

Malhar is proud to showcase the mural designed for SBI at their corporate office. Working on a brief to represent the USP’s of SBI CAP and a number of elements were aesthetically designed to represent the same.

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Client : FINO Pay Tech Ltd. | Size: 10x 4 ft

What we deliver : Malhar has designed a mural at the entrance and a wall painting in the cafeteria at the Juinagar located head office of FINO.

The mural brings together the logo of FINO with traditional symbols of wealth and prosperity. The rising sun represented the ambition of FINO while the lamp represented the small steps taken to remove darkness.

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We aim to please!

sbi editedSBI Capital Ltd
The mural has made the office very vibrant. It is a welcome change & our branch looks much better & very different from all other branches. Many consumers ask us every day as to where and how did we get such a beautiful sculpture designed. The sculpture has very intricate design & the detailed hard work gone into making it is clearly visible. We love the new wall of our office
unoFino Paytech Ltd
We underwent a rebranding exercise and the logo and office interiors were required to be fully redesigned. Team Malhar did a fabulous job on this. The logo at our reception has made the area very lively. The concepts which we wanted to represent have been perfectly captured in the mural. The cafeteria wall painting with the rising sun makes us feel freshened as soon as we enter it and is a topic of discussion during every break.