Fino Pay Tech Ltd.

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Fino Pay Tech Ltd.

FINO PayTech Ltd is the largest business correspondent network in India which serves more than 27 banks across the country. FINO has touched the lives of over 75 million consumers across 28 states.

Malhar has designed a mural at the entrance and a wall painting in the cafeteria at the Juinagar located head office of FINO.

The mural brings together the logo of FINO with traditional symbols of wealth and prosperity. The rising sun represented the ambition of FINO while the lamp represented the small steps taken to remove darkness. Foots of goodess lakshmi represented opulence and bells showed new beginnings. Blooming flowers showed happy consumers while tides showed changing times.

We feel the freshest and most vibrant in the mornings and so, the whole wall of the cafeteria was decorated with a rising sun. This helped the employees feel rejuvenated.

Since rural India was the main market for FINO, the entire office was decorated with artistic images of rural Indian lifestyle.



We underwent a rebranding exercise and the logo and office interiors were required to be fully redesigned. Team Malhar did a fabulous job on this. The logo at our reception has made the area very lively. The concepts which we wanted to represent have been perfectly captured in the mural.

The cafeteria wall painting with the rising sun makes us feel freshened as soon as we enter it and is a topic of discussion during every break.

Team FinoPaytech Ltd, Mumbai

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